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Unpublished 53. A Perfect Record (original)

Unpublished 53. A Perfect Record (typed)


Notes: An article of Dr. Gordon H. Clark from The Home Evangel.


The Bible claims, Christ asserted, and orthodox Christians believe that Moses wrote the first five books of the Old Testament. Unbelieving, destructive critics argued that Moses could not have written them because writing had not yet been invented in his day. Thus they implied that Christ did not know what He was talking about. The fact is, however, that the critics did not know what they were talking about: specimens of writing from long before the time of Moses can be seen in museums today.

The Bible speaks of a nation of Hittites. The unbelieving critics said the Hittites never existed. Today it is possible to study the Hittite language in our large universities. The Bible was right; the critics were wrong.

The unbelieving critics said that Cyrenius could not have been governor of Syria at the time Christ was born, and that therefore Luke was mistaken. But it was the critics who were mistaken. The unbelievers also said that there was no Roman census to bring Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem. Once again the critics were wrong.

The unbelieving critics have said many other things. Tomorrow they will think up some new objection to the Bible. Probably you and I will not be able to answer this new objection. But we know that the unbelieving critics have a regular batting average of .000. Their new criticism is not likely to be a home run. Jesus said, “The Scripture cannot be broken” (John 10:35).

– G.H.C.