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Unpublished 78. Direction When Last Seen (original)

Unpublished 78. Direction When Last Seen (typed)


Notes: From the papers of Dr. Gordon H. Clark. From “The Home Evangel”, date unknown.


The Sunday service had been in every way ordinary. The congregation was composed of the usual people, they had sung in the usual way, the minister had a typical sermon, and the pianist had played as she ordinarily did. And they all went home.

The next Lord’s Day a stranger might have thought that everything was again as usual; but all of us knew it wasn’t. The pianist was not there. On Saturday she had started to drive to the grocery store. Witnesses said the signal lights were not flashing and the crack express was not blowing its whistle.

To many people these accidents bring thoughts of underpasses to replace grade crossings. The idea is a good one. But there is a far more important question to be considered. These thousands of people who are killed in auto accidents—in which direction were they going when last seen?

When we last saw our pianist, she was worshipping and serving the Lord of Heaven and earth. When the witnesses saw her car drive onto the tracks, they might not have known it, but she was still facing God and Heaven: nearer her Father’s home than she had ever been before.

But what about the other thousands? What about you? Do you drive an auto? In which direction will you be going when you will be seen for the last time?

-G. H. C.