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Unpublished 67. Geometry and Heaven (original)

Unpublished 67. Geometry and Heaven (typed)


Notes: From the papers of Dr. Gordon H. Clark. From “The Home Evangel”, date unknown.

Geometry and Heaven

Euclid, the Greek mathematician who systematized geometry, is said to have had at one time a prince for a pupil. Like some modern high school students this prince thought that Euclid’s methods were too difficult and asked if there were not some easy way to learn geometry. According to the story, Euclid replied, “There is no royal road to learning.”

This is true of other things besides geometry. If one wishes to play a harp solo on the concert stage, the advertisements about music in six easy lessons will be of little help. Every worthwhile accomplishment requires a certain discipline. Without taking the prescribed road, no one will ever arrive.

Similarly, there are not many roads to God. There is only one road to Heaven. That road is the road of complete surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said, “No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Many people are trying to get to Heaven some other way. They want to play the harp in six easy lessons. But it cannot be done. There is but one way to Heaven, there is but one door. The Lord Jesus Christ said, “I am the door; by me if any man shall enter in, he shall be saved.” Let’s not be silly children and think we can get there some other way.