Unpublished 191. God’s Countdown 1960 (typed)

[1959. God’s Countdown: 1960 (Contributor). Christianity Today 21 Dec.]


CHRISTIANITY TODAY’S 50 contributing editors, scattered around the globe, have been asked to asses the past year’s impact of a purifying Gospel laboring within the toils of a world system with a vast capacity for evil and to relay portents for the immediate and more distant future.

Professor Gordon H. Clark hears “no great voice . . . proclaiming total depravity, election, the atonement, justification, perseverance, and the other major Reformation themes.”

Dr. Clark looks with disapproval upon certain government trends: “An autocratic state is always a danger to the free propagation of the gospel, and such a tendency in the United States advances with governmental interference in the steel strike (not only by present injunction, but more previous legislation), with Dr. Blake’s proposal to tax churches, and with the candidacy of John Kennedy for President.”