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Unpublished 76. In Pagan America (original)

Unpublished 76. In Pagan America (typed)


Notes: An article of Dr. Gordon H. Clark from The Home Evangel, Vol. XII – December, 1951 – No. 12.


As the two little girls were playing in the yard, one told the other something about Jesus. This other one, about seven years old, turned to her mother, who was standing near, and asked, “Mother, was Jesus a man or a woman?”

Is it perhaps too much to expect a seven-year-old child in pagan America to know whether Jesus was a man or a woman?

Is it too much to expect a twelve-year-old that he know Jesus died for his sins?

Is it too much to expect a successful business-man, an intelligent homemaker, a soldier, a skilled workman to have faith in Christ the Son of God. . . . In pagan America?

G. H. C.