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Unpublished 85. It is so hard (original)

Unpublished 85. It is so hard (typed)


Notes: From the papers of Dr. Gordon H. Clark. From the Home Evangel, Nov. 1946, Vol 7. No. 11.

It is so hard …

Unbelievers delight in finding difficulties in the Bible. The Bible is so hard, so impossible, they assert. Take for instance the doctrine of the Trinity: is it not absurd, just plain impossible, for three to be one? Any child in second grade knows that one plus one plus one are three, and cannot be One. Simple arithmetic shows the nonsense of Christianity. So argues the unbeliever.

But is it so hard? The question is not whether the unbeliever’s addition is correct or not. Certainly any bright little lad in first grade knows that one plus one plus one quals three. The question really is: should the unbeliever have used addition at all? It happens that one times one times one equals one. Where has the unbeliever shown that addition and not multiplication is the correct process? Oh, it is so hard for children, when they try to solve a problem, to know what to do. They can add, and they can multiply; but which does the problem call for?

The problem of the Trinity may not call for arithmetic at all. It may call just for a willingness to receive information from One who knows. In the Bible He has told us of Himself, that He is Father and Son and Holy Spirit, three Persons in the one Godhead. This is the God that created us and all things. This is the God who has redeemed lost sinners through the work of Christ the Eternal Son. Let us believe Him, trust Him and worship Him.