“Recommendations” is an article from Dr. Gordon H. Clark’s papers. Both the original scan and a transcribed document are here made available.

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Unpublished 56. Recommendations (original)

Unpublished 56. Recommendations (typed)


Notes: An article of Dr. Gordon H. Clark from The Home Evangel



Ministers and teachers, who come into contact with many young people, are often asked to write recommendations as the young people apply for their first job. It would seem peculiar to an employer if a young man should write his own recommendation. Self-praise is usually discounted.

But there is a way in which a young man may very acceptably recommend himself. It is by proving his worth on the job. He may recommend himself by his actions. And this type of self- recommendation is not less but more effective than a letter from someone else.

The publishers of The Home Evangel write it to recommend God. They are happy to do so. But God does not need their recommendation. God has recommended Himself. He has proved “His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

Could you ask for a better recommendation? Never!

Will you then receive it and act upon it and trust with all your heart in Jesus Christ as your Savior from sin?