Unpublished 209. Review of A Scholastic Miscellany (typed)

[1957. Review of A Scholastic Miscellany: Anselm to Ockham, Eugene R. Fairweather, ed. Christianity Today 21 Jan.]


A Scholastic Miscellany: Anselm to Ockham, edited by Eugene R. Fairweather. Westminster, Philadelphia, 1956. $5.00

This book is volume 10 in the Library of Christian Classics. Other volumes are 1. Early Christian Fathers; 4. Cyril of Jerusalem and Nemesius of Emesa; 15. Luther: Lectures on Romans; 24. English Reformers.

The present volume covers Anselm to Ockham. Aquinas is naturally given a separate volume, but the verb covers is still too inclusive. The material on Anselm is perhaps sufficient, but this can hardly be said of Abelard, Bonaventura, Duns Scotus and Ockham. Duns, for example, is allowed nine pages of fairly important material, and Ockham is given six pages of fairly unimportant material.

The editor’s Introductions to the several sections are well written and reflect great learning; but they are so general and summary that I fear a scholar would find them too brief and general reader too unintelligible.