DS Clark 11. Review of The Dominion of Mind (typed)

[The Presbyterian, January 9, 1930]

The Dominion of Mind. By Uriel Buchanan. Christopher Publishing House.

This is an exposition of Theosophy that would evidently satisfy Mrs. Besant or Madame Blavatsky. The system, if not pure Pantheism, is at least pantheistic. The Universal Mind embraces everything, but is spoken of as “it.” There is a self-existent principe which evolves into everything that exists; and man is a part of the infinite essence. “The universal cosmic intelligence is the Supreme Lord.” Man has infinite potentialities, though the world is largely ignorant of its possibilities.

Some extended directions are given as to the method of realizing oneness with the Infinite, and the reader is urged to employ them, and is assured that he can be what he wants to be and get what he desires.

To one trained in a realistic philosophy, and living in a material world, the whole system seems very mystical, if not purely fanciful.

If any one wants to know what Theosophy is, he may be able to dig some of it out of this book.

David S. Clark.