Whittlers of the Word of God. By Perry W. Sinks. Fleming H. Revell Company; 40 cents.

This is a small book of 59 pages. The title is striking and expressive, and applicable to many writers of the present day. The treatment shows the writer to be true to the Bible as the Word of God.

Chapter I. Scientific Whittlers. This deal with those attempts that would eliminate from the Bible the supernatural elements, particularly such miracles as unbelief declares to be unscientific. It is shown that science has strengthened the fundamental facts of Christian life by new explanations, and particularly that archaeology has discovered many facts corroborating the Biblical narratives.

Chapter II. Esthetic Whittlers. There are those who object to the Bible’s account of human depravity—e.g., Jacob’s deceit, David’s adultery, Solomon’s polygamy, Peter’s denial, etc. Others object to the doctrines of Atonement, Hell a personal Devil, etc. A book character says: “They are doing without hell in England nowadays, but taking away hell drops the tail-board out of a man’s religion.” The author remarks that if taking away hell and the Devil from the Bible would remove them from human society, he would be willing to vote for the proposition. But the situation is quite the opposite.

Chapter III. Theological Whittlers. Some whittle the Bible to suit a personal view. They make the Word of God of none effect by their tradition. The divisive critics come under this topic. Others for various reasons whittle down this and that till the question arises, what is left? After all, something is left, but perhaps not enough to give the Bible its full authority, nor to offer to the world the way of salvation through the cross of Jesus Christ.

David S. Clark