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Unpublished 71. Stopping Leaks (original)

Unpublished 71. Stopping Leaks (typed)


Notes: From the papers of Dr. Gordon H. Clark. From “The Home Evangel”, date unknown.

Stopping Leaks

Have you ever watched a faucet drip? It drips perhaps once a minute, day after day. Needs a new washer, of course.

But there are so many other more interesting things to do. Maybe after a while it will stop dripping all by itself. But any plumber, or a bit of common sense, will tell you that leaks left alone never get better.

So also is it with our spiritual life. Contact and friction with a sinful world wear our washers down. The people in our church begin to see that we are drips. And any attempt to make last year’s devotion, last year’s Bible study, serve beyond its time, serves only to increase the leak.

So, let us repair it immediately. Study some part of the Bible today. Study it carefully, but be sure to study it today. Kneel in prayer. Ask the Lord for spiritual repair. But ask today. And do something for Christ and his Church. If you cannot think of anything useful, ask your minister what to do. But do it today. The leaky life will not be cured by doing nothing.