“Indiana United Presbyterians Dislike Plan of Union” is a rare article of Dr. Gordon H. Clark’s.

Unpublished 131. Indiana United Presbyterians Dislike Plan Of Union (typed)


[The Southern Presbyterian Journal Sep. 30, 1953. Pg. 5]

Indiana United Presbyterians Dislike Plan of Union

By Gordon H. Clark, Ph.D.

Indianapolis, Ind.

At a regular meeting September 15, 1953, the Indiana Presbytery of the United Presbyterian church adopted six recommendations for change in the Plan of Union. Only one negative vote was audible.

The recommendations are: to have a rotary system of electing delegates to the General Assembly, as now in force in the UP church; to grant the right of withdrawal to congregations in the USA church, so that there will be a union rather than an absorption of smaller bodies by the USA church; that no person shall be judicially sentenced for any offense without being given the right to present his defense in court, so as to repudiate the totalitarian methods the USA church used in the Machen case; to remove from the Plan the provision for women elders and women preachers, to prevent the demoting of the UP elders and US elders to the lower level of USA elders; and to maintain the kingship and legislative prerogatives of the Lord Jesus Christ against the ambition of ecclesiastical politicians. This last takes its wording from the letter written by Wm. Childs Robinson to Dr. H. Ray Anderson, published in the Southern Presbyterian Journal on July 22, 1953.