[1937. “Modernism” [Letter to the Editor] David S. Clark, The Presbyterian 107.47 (25 November 1937). p. 23]



Editor The Presbyterian:

In your issue of November 4, the first page and first paragraph quotes Thomas Reeve: “Christianity is a life. All else that is Christian flows from that experience. Doctrines define and formulate that experience in intellectual terms.”

That is standard Modernism. Experience is not the source of doctrine. We do not get our doctrine of God from experience; nor our doctrine of Christ; nor our doctrine of the Trinity; nor our doctrine of the Incarnation; nor our doctrine of Redemption; nor our doctrine of the Resurrection. Our source of doctrine is the Bible.

David S. Clark

(Editor’s Note – Dr. Clark’s point is well taken. But we are not sure that Mr. Reeve is therefore wrong. Christianity is a revelation by God in Christ in the Bible, and a [new] life in the believer by grace through faith.)