Unpublished 203. Sighting the Final Third of the Twentieth Century (typed)


[1967. Sighting the Final Third of the Twentieth Century … The Church and the Nation (Contributor). Christianity Today 20 Jan.]

Sighting the Final Third Of the Twentieth Century

In an effort to find out what Christian leaders in American are thinking as they look through this partially opened door, CHRISTIANITY TODAY asked a number of them this question: “Looking ahead to A.D. 2000, what do you think is in store for mankind?” Each was given a special area to speak about in line with his interest and special competence. Here are the responses.


Crime, protected by the atheistic Supreme Court and the lower courts with their criminal sympathies; abolition of the death penalty; riots and looting; destruction of the economy by uncontrolled labor unions and extravagant government; sex, drug addiction; alcoholism; secularism; Communism; no powerful preacher of the Gospel—of course, some faithful preachers, e.g. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, but none who can shake nations as Luther, Calvin, and Knox did: and the result will be the overthrow of the United States by A.D. 2000 (as predicted by Oswald Spengler), the great apostasy, and the Antichrist in priestly robes sitting in the temple of God with a hammer and sickle in his hand.—Gordon H. Clark, professor of philosopher, Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana.